Happiness Gurus

Capitalism gives the idea that happiness can be found by simply following some steps, like ordering a McMeaning. Just read the link below that I saw someone posting this morning. Yes, we may find some temporary superficial happiness when we follow the advice from HappinessGurus. However, like Aristotle already said, true happiness is given to us, not demanded by us. Deep happiness is the result from a non-technical approach of listening to what really matters to us. Interestingly, English terms for happiness and meaning are derived etymologically from terms that are about “getting a quick fix” and the illusion of being able to cognitively control our happiness and meaning in life. Most other languages in the world use different terms, such as “gelukkig” and “glucklich” which imply that this emotional state is given to us, associated with fate. Their terms for meaning (zingeving, Sinn, sense, sensida) have been derived from the Latin sentire, which means perceiving with all our senses. Thus true happiness and meaning are about perceiving what is meaningful to us. This is like listening to our intuition and our heart. Listening to our heart does not follow steps. Our heart loves something or someone for the sake of love, not because we have followed the right steps or our activities are goal-directed. By making happiness and meaning superficial and something we can control, happiness and meaning become commodified, products on the economic market. Capitalism can only survive thanks to this illusion that the economy can make us happy and our lives meaningful. Interestingly, capitalism is the strongest in countries where meaning and happiness are regarded the most superficial and something we can demand, that is in Anglo-Saxon countries where even the terminology for happiness and meaning is superficial. Countries with a fuller perceptive sense of meaning and happiness (with terms such as geluk and zingeving) have a much larger welfare state and show less socioeconomic inequality. I’m now writing a scientific article about this correlation and preliminary evidence indicates modest to strong correlations, which is very significant in economic sciences. The anti-capitalist revolution starts with listening to our heart and intuition and not following the steps told by the media and the business psychologists; this revolution of the heart will undermine the public mechanisms and justification on which capitalism is build. Anti-capitalism starts with a revolution of the heart: join me in this revolution!

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