The Power of Nightmares

Are you afraid that WW3 will happen soon? Do you think the Russians will really attack us? Do you believe that Al Qaida and ISIS are huge powerful networks? Do you think that Palestine is a real military danger to Israel? Are you afraid on the streets of London because you are told about the acid attacks or its homicide figures? Do you believe that immigrants are a threat to the UK and the USA? Do you feel powerless? Do you feel you have no control over your feelings as your feelings have been hijacked by the world events?

Think again :
Who convinced you of this?
What independent information do you have?
What would politicians, media and lobbyists win by making you believe this?
Are your feelings your own?

1. Reclaim your feelings from the mass manipulators by independent thinking and critical research.
2. Use multiple sources of information, eg check not only the BBC but also the Independent, FT, Guardian, RTV, Al Jazeera, Der Spiegel, Dutch NOS, Trouw or NRC, Belgium Correspondent, etc etc: and do not believe one particular source but use triangulation (that is: when multiple sources with different interests tell the same story there may be some little truth in it).
3. Do not get pulled into the hypes on Facebook, Twitter etc. Give your self a maximum time on social media or go on social media holidays.
4. Never stop criticising your own beliefs.
5. Start with not believing anything from people with vested interests.
6. Do not run away for your fears, because they feed on running away.
7. Have a conversation with your fears: what do they want, where do they live, who are their parents, who are their children, what do they feed on, and what is their weakness?
8. Do not start with believing that your thoughts and feelings are abnormal. Believe that these thoughts and feelings are normal in an abnormal society. The ideas of “mental health” and “craziness” are an invention to convince you that you are crazy and powerless and that you should not try to criticise the status quo.
9. Do not get fatalistic. Fatalism is the result from believing the lie that the world could be perfect only if all these things did not happen that we are told that we should be afraid of. Start without any assumptions. Start with small changes in your daily life and let your feelings of success undermine the fatalistic myth of powerlessness and helplessness.

In 2001, I wrote an award-winning essay in which I claimed that the primary source of power of politicians after 9/11 is making us afraid of fictional nightmares they have created for us, and promising that if we vote for them they will guard us while we can be safely asleep in our beds with our nice dreams. I dare to say that this is the ONLY source of power they have today. But when we do not believe the nightmares they cast for uIs, they have no power: it’s as simple as that. Don’t believe them. And particularly never believe BoJo.

An OK introduction into some modern myths:


The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear is a…

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