awA better world starts with sharing information! shares information about HOW TO CHANGE society with any individuals wanting to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world. ActivistWiki intends to realise this aim by creating a world-wide hub for activists and researchers to share their best-practice and evidence-based experience and knowledge. ActivistWiki intends to present this information in such a way that this is both easily understandable and directly applicable for activists, and that is also based on solid examples or evidence, and referring to other resources such as websites and books for more information on the topics. The focus is on sharing texts on how-to-change instead of merely telling why-to-change or what-to-change. ActivistWiki is created by and for anyone sharing this aim, which includes for example activists and academics. The contributions, discussions, moderation and administration of ActivistWiki intend to be an example of the aim, by being as inclusive and democratic as possible, while acknowledging the diversity of perspectives and excluding any discriminatory and paternalistic texts or behaviour.