Therapy & counselling

‘Develop a unique therapy for each unique client.’ (Carl Jung)

At this moment, I have still some places available for therapy in my psychology practice. If you are interested, please send an email to psychvos at

Tailor-made approach – In our initial meeting, we will first discuss what you would like to achieve in therapy, and what your strengths and possible points of improvement could be. I will also explain how my service could help you. Sometimes, we can decide together that it could be helpful for you to fill in some questionnaires, as these can sometimes give some insights in what you would like and need. Subsequently, we will discuss where we will focus on in therapy and how we will work together.

Approaches – I can offer different types of therapy, ranging from meaning-centered, existential, cognitive-behavioural, group and contextual family/relationship therapy. Usually, I do not stick to one specific approach, but we will develop together a unique approach that works the best for you!

Values – As therapist, my core values are being authentic and transparent. I see myself as equal to anyone else, you and other clients. As all of us face life’s challenges. I will share some of my professional expertise to help you cope with your unique challenges, but in the end you are the expert on your life and you will decide what is meaningful for you. Therefore, I will listen carefully to what your wishes are, and I will help you discover what you would like.

Recurrent themes – In my therapies, I often see three themes re-occur. This may possibly also be relevant for you, although this is not necessary. First, I see many clients struggle with difficult life circumstances that are partially or completely beyond their power, such as problems in their housing, work, family, or physical health. Many clients have heard many times from others that ‘you are the problem! you are crazy!’ We live in a culture of blaming and personalising. However, feeling guilty about something you have not created or does not know how to change is very stressful in itself. Therefore, I often explore with clients which parts of their problems they can control and which parts they cannot. Second, several clients seem to find it difficult to accept that we are limited as human beings and that there is much we cannot control, including our health and our socio-economic circumstances. The world is often unjust and our life not as perfect as we would like it to be (this includes our so-called ‘existential limitations’). Therefore we may examine how it is like to live with these limitations, without fooling ourselves. Third, I often work with clients how to can live a meaningful and satisfying life despite their problems. This implies that during most of the therapy sessions, we will not merely focus on your problems, but instead look pragmatically how you can find positive ways of living. I often ask explicitly how clients can live a meaningful life. A further scientific explanation of my meaning-centered approach can be found below.


Special groups

I give therapy to many different types of clients. I often see clients from creative sectors, such as artists, musicians and actors. I am specialised in helping individuals with chronic or life-threatening physical diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke, and chronic pain. Many clients also decide to come to me as they feel that I am not as cold or intellectual as some other therapists may be, and I connect well with whoever you are, regardless of your background. I have two tariffs, for waged and unwaged individuals.


Meaning-centered therapy

‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ (saying)

On the basis of scientific research and other therapists, I have developed an empirically proven type of therapy that aims: to help individuals live a meaningful and satisfying life despite life’s challenges. Below, you can find an overview of the scientific foundations of this therapy. The scientific references can be found in the menu under ‘research’. This type of therapy is one of the most effective therapies for individuals who are explicitly confronted with life’s limitations, such as physical disease, death or poverty.

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