The psychology of COVID-19

Overview of COVID-19 research (IMEC Conference, July 2020)

How to stay sane during the Corona Pandemic

The psychology of Corona-Capitalism

SASVY! Conversation with Frank Gruba-McCallister on ‘Meaningful Capitalism’

The unequal economics of meaning in life

The Science of Building a Meaningful Life

Interview with the Weekend University

The Science of Living a Meaningful Life

Lecture at the Weekend University

Meaning-centered psychotherapy 

Lecture at the Weekend University

Meaning and mental health 

Lecture at the Weekend University

The Economics of Meaning in Life

Lecture at IMEC International Meaning Conferences London

Enjoy the small things in life

True art opens existence

Living towards death

The age of the seqouias

Discover your inner bear


The metaphor of the river

Sense of awe

The selfie-stick tourist

Life is like climbing mountains

Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners

Do you hear Yannie or Laurel?

Talk at the art exhibition of Annie Zamero

Patrick Griffin & Joel Vos

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