How to deal with narcissists and gaslighting

Lecture from the monthly IMEC Self-Development Group April 2022

Dr Joel Vos’ 12 Rules For Life

(The problem with Jordan Peterson)

Interview by Amichai Levy

The psychology of COVID-19

Living a meaningful life after trauma and crisis (IMEC Self-development Group, May 2022)

Overview of COVID-19 research (IMEC Conference, July 2020)

How to stay sane during the Corona Pandemic

The psychology of Corona-Capitalism

SASVY! Conversation with Frank Gruba-McCallister on ‘Meaningful Capitalism’

The unequal economics of meaning in life

The Science of Building a Meaningful Life

Interview with the Weekend University

The Science of Living a Meaningful Life

Lecture at the Weekend University

Meaning-centered psychotherapy 

Lecture at the Weekend University

Meaning and mental health 

Lecture at the Weekend University

The Economics of Meaning in Life

Lecture at IMEC International Meaning Conferences London

Enjoy the small things in life

True art opens existence

Living towards death

The age of the seqouias

Discover your inner bear


The metaphor of the river

Sense of awe

The selfie-stick tourist

Life is like climbing mountains

Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners

Do you hear Yannie or Laurel?


Living a meaningful life in a meaningless world

 Interview on meaning, capitalism, and masculinity

Interview by Quique Autrey (Therapy for Guys, Texas) Link

Punkify Your Mind 

Interview on economics, politics and culture by Blaire Palmer on ThatPeopleThing. Link to podcast

Dimensions of meaning in life 

Interview by Eugene Leventhal Link to podcast

Helping others live a meaningful life

Interview by People of Purpose Link to podcast


Buy my recorded lectures and learn at your own time and space!

The Science & Practice of Meaning in Life: How to Live a Meaningful Life?Link

This lecture describes what meaning in life is, and how people can find it. Based on systematic research. Inspiring for anyone interested in learning to live a meaningful life, including people in the talking professions.

Rediscovering Meaning in Life after Trauma and COVID-19Link

This lecture is about how to live a meaningful life after trauma, pandemics and other life changes. It also explains how politicians influence our sense of meaning in life. Inspiring for anyone interested in learning to live a meaningful life, including people in the talking professions.

The Science of Existential Therapies: An Introduction – Link

This lecture gives an overview of the empirical foundations of working as a talking professional with existential themes such as meaning in life, responsibility and life’s struggles. This is based on the largest body of empirical research in the field.

Getting Rid of Dictators and Stopping Climate Change: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Permanent Social Change – Link

This presentation uses a large body of research findings to explain how to build effective nonviolent social movements and political campaigns. This explains the Conditions and Mechanisms of Social Change model. It will be explained that for modern movements, the conditions of social change have changed (e.g. due to new policing laws), due to which they need to develop new strategies. The key message is that political movements need to become smarter, not bigger. The presentation also explains with insider-stories why several contemporary social movements, such as Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil, are failing.

Breaking the Cycle of Injustice and Trauma: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Permanent Individual Change – Link

This lecture offers a thought-provoking overview of how individuals can get stuck in a cycle of structural injustice, and how they can get out of this cycle. This is based on the work from the existential philosopher Iris Marion Young, supplemented with empirical psychological research studies. The presentation offers a step by step approach to support individuals breaking the cycle (Social Justice Oriented Interventions).

Treating Victims of War, Oppression & Trauma + Preventing Activist Burnout – Link

This lecture may be relevant for therapists and laypeople supporting victims of political or social crises, such as information about stress and trauma responses. This may also be relevant for social movements, to develop emotional care for activists to prevent burnout. This presentation also gives an overview of the existential impact of stress/trauma, and how individuals can learn to live a meaningful life again after trauma.

The science of meaning in life and existential therapiesLink

This is an interview conducted by Natalie Fraser about meaning in life and existential topics. About punk as well! Buy this interview, and get access to other interviews as well.

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