‘He who has a WHY to live for, can deal with almost any HOW.’ (Nietzsche)
In our dynamic time of financial, societal and ecological crises, the ways HOW we live our lives are continuously questioned. More than ever, we need to focus on what motivates us and offers structural stability. Many people can benefit from discovering their WHY, such as psychologically distressed individuals, physically ill patients, immigrants, jobless, individuals in intercultural conflict zones, policy makers and politicians. There are many different ways to find our WHY, to support individuals in searching, and to measure this scientifically.


I am passionate about helping individuals, groups and society in general to discover their priorities and live a meaningful and satisfying life despite all challenges that we undoubtedly encounter on our path. I work as researcher and lecturer at the Metanoia Institute and as leader of the Professional Doctorate in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling at the London New School for Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have more than 70 scientific publications, three books (and more to come soon), and hundreds of talks world-wide. I am the chair and organiser of IMEC International Meaning Conferences in London; the next one is 12-14 July 2019 (www.meaning.org.uk) I  have also started an online platform for clients, trainees, therapists and businesses about meaning in life: Meaning Online (www.meaningonline.org). People from all over the world come here together, to learn how to live a meaningful and satisfying life despite life’s challenges.

I offer psychological therapy to a broad range of clients (I am registered as Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, the highest standard of recognition). See more information on  the subpage on therapy.



My research and practice have taught me the importance of being yourself, and being faithful to what feels meaningful for yourself. Therefore, people know me privately as an authentic and warm person. I cannot not be myself and not connect with others. This includes organising music events with my charity Punk4MentalHealth and exhibiting and selling my art via PunkifyYourLife.


The aim of this website is to share my publications, and give a personal background to this. Anyone interested in seeing and buying my books or art can find links under the tabs. Those interested in individual therapy or business consultancy can send me a private message.