Doing research in psychological therapies:

A step-by-step guide. Sage.

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This comprehensive and highly practical ‘how to’ book guides researchers from start to finish through the research process. The easy-to-follow consecutive steps cover: basic academic skills, literature reviews, research aims, selection of quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods, research and ethics proposals, data collection and analysis, and final thesis or report. Supported by decision-making flowcharts, further reading, reflective questions, state-of-the-art trends and templates, this book ensures you produce a sound and coherent research project that fulfils your training and publication requirements. It is the go-to guide for beginning and advanced researchers in counselling, psychotherapy, counselling and clinical psychology, psychiatry and related disciplines.

Free downloadable resources

This book is the result of over two decades of teaching research in psychological therapies. The links below offer resources that can be used for teaching and doing research. The resources can be shared but only with the correct reference: Vos, J. (2023). Doing research in psychological therapies: a step-by-step guide. Sage. For reprint, contact the author.

This is a very basic plan for teaching research to students in a professional doctorate in psychological therapies (e.g. Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, accredited by the British Psychological Society and the UKCP).

If you would like a more advanced teaching plan and/or advice/consultancy about designing a research teaching programme, please contact the author of Doing Research in Psychological Therapies, Dr Joel Vos: or

Recommended structure for research modules

Pedagogical strategy

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